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Harvesting Cannabis: When and How To

Cannabis harvesting is an important stage of the cannabis production process. It's the phase of making sure your cannabis is ready for consumption and it's also the time when you're able to take advantage of the full effects of the plant. Knowing the different parts of the cannabis plant, the stages of harvesting, and having a good understanding of the drying and curing process of cannabis can help you maximize your yields and have the best possible harvest.

The first step of harvesting cannabis is the identification of the different parts of the plant. The entire cannabis plant is composed of two parts, the buds and the leaves. The buds are the small, dense, resinous flowers that are harvested, dried, and cured. The leaves are small, thin, and green and they are used by some people to make edibles and concentrates.

Next, you will want to identify the right time to harvest your cannabis. The optimal time to harvest is when the trichomes, the small, crystal-like hairs on the buds, are cloudy or an amber color. If the trichomes are clear, this means that the THC levels are not at their peak and your harvest will not be as potent. Paying attention to the trichomes and the coloration of the buds will help you get the most from your buds.

Once you’ve identified the right time to harvest, it's time to start the cutting process. Cut the main cola, removing any large fan leaves that surround it. These large fan leaves are not the same as the smaller trichome covered buds, so avoid cutting off those if you can. Continue to carefully remove any bud clusters from the plant with clean scissors and place them on a clean surface.

Next, you’ll want to move onto the step of trimming any unnecessary plant material. Remove any large fan leaves and any small leaves that do not contain trichomes. This will help you maximize the effects of your harvest since the trichomes contain a high amount of resin that is important for the full effects of the plant.

Once your harvest is trimmed and cut down, it's time to move onto the drying and curing process. This process is essential for improving the flavor, quality, and potency of your cannabis and can last anywhere from 7-14 days. Hang the buds upside-down in a dark, well-ventilated space with temperatures of about 65-70°F and humidity around 55-65%. This will help to preserve the integrity of the buds.

Harvesting cannabis is a key step in producing a high-quality product. Knowing the different parts of the plant, proper timing, and having a good understanding of the drying and curing process will help you get the most out of every crop. With the right knowledge and strategy, you’ll be able to create some of the best cannabis to enhance your experience.

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