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What is the Difference Between a Cannabis Dispensary and Wholesale B2B Company

The rapidly evolving cannabis industry has spawned a few different types of businesses, including dispensaries and wholesale B2B companies. While they may seem similar at first, there are some key differences between dispensaries and wholesale B2B companies. To best understand the difference, let’s examine the two business types.

Cannabis Dispensaries: Dispensaries are locations where cannabis products are sold directly to consumers by a licensed retailer. Dispensaries provide a wide selection of cannabis products, from cannabis flowers to edibles, topicals, vapes, concentrates and more. Consumers visit dispensaries to purchase their cannabis products and often receive education from staff about the different product types and how to use them. Dispensary owners must comply with the state, provincial or local laws in the area in order to maintain their license or permit.

Wholesale B2B Companies: Wholesale B2B companies are businesses that primarily sell cannabis products to licensed retailers and distributors. These companies provide a wide range of cannabis products, from flower to edibles, concentrates, vapes and more. These companies are responsible for sourcing and providing the goods that dispensaries and other retailers need to stay in business. As such, they often have relationships with multiple vendors and cannabis producers.

The differences between the two business models are primarily related to their purpose and who they serve. Dispensaries are focused on retail and providing their customers with products and education. Wholesale B2B companies, on the other hand, are focused on supplying cannabis products to other businesses. Both types of businesses are necessary components of the legal cannabis industry and both play an important role in ensuring that quality and compliant cannabis products are available to consumers.

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