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When is Your Cannabis Plant Ready to Harvest?

Harvesting cannabis is one of the most important stages of the growing process, and it’s essential to know when to harvest in order to get the most out of your plant. Looking for the right signs can help you determine the best time to harvest. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the most important signs and factors to consider.

The first indicator of when it’s time to harvest is the trichomes. These are the white and sometimes clear, mushroom shaped hairs that grow along the buds, leaves and stems. When magnified, you should be able to see a milky substance inside the trichomes which indicates the right time to harvest, as the THC levels are at their highest. In addition to the trichomes, the pistils can tell you a lot about the plant’s readiness. When the plant is young, you’ll see densely populated clusters of white pistils, but as the plant matures, these will start to go brown and recede. This is a good indication that the plant is reaching maturity – however, trichomes should still be taken into consideration.

The structure of the buds can also be a tell-tale sign of ripeness. When flowering, the buds will start to swell and become solid and dense. You won’t be able to pick them apart easily, so they form a large, solid bud when mature. Once they become dense and hard, they’re likely ready to harvest.

The plant’s growth rate can also help you decide when it’s time to harvest. If the growth slows down significantly and the pistils are beginning to curl, then it’s generally a good sign that the plant is reaching maturity.

Harvesting your cannabis is a fulfilling experience, so make sure you pay attention to the details and look for the right signs to get the most out of your crop. Do your research and be sure to check the trichomes, pistils and structure of the buds to get an indication of when it’s time to harvest.

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